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Dear Maria,

Welcome back from your vacation.  I hope that you had a wonderful time.  I also want to thank you for your very kind New Year’s greeting.  I really appreciated this message and am much honored.

My question is about the following sentence that I wrote to you last year in my thank you message:   

Spero che abbia un buonissimo Natale e un grande Anno Nuovo.
I hope that you will have a very good Christmas and a great New Year.

I was wondering if this sentence was written correctly, or if there are any changes that I should have made.  

For example:

Should I have written “bellissimo” instead of writing “buonissimo” to express “very good” ?

Also, did I place “grande” correctly in this sentence?   Or, should I have placed “grande” after “Anno Nuovo” as in “Anno Nuovo grande”.  The correct position of the adjective “grande” is always a big challenge for me.

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

though your sentence “Spero che abbia un buonissimo Natale e un grande Anno Nuovo” is grammatically correct, I would have written : ”Spero che tu abbia un bellissimo Natale e un felice Anno Nuovo”, where I’ve used the superlative “bellissimo” instead of “buonissimo” and the adjective “felice” instead of “grande”.

As for the position of the adjective “grande”, it is correct to say “un grande Anno Nuovo” instead of “un Anno Nuovo grande” where the two adjectives “nuovo” and “grande” written one after the other do not sound so good.

Please note that we often use “grande”  before the noun as in “una grande  pianura “(a wide plane),  “Non è un grande  fiume” ( it’s not a big  river), “E’ una grande nazione”, while we say “Ha due figlie grandi “ (he’s got two grown-up daughters) and “Alessandro il Grande” (Alexander the Great).

Lastly, I hope that you too had a wonderful time just like me.
In fact, I spent my holiday in two beautiful cities of Southern Italy, i.e. Avellino (Campania) and Matera (Lucania, aka Basilicata), after travelling by car across wonderful mountain landscape (Lucania-Basilicata) and green plains (Campania).

Happy New Year!


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