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Hi Lauren

Can you please tell me if it would be acceptable to say:

Sono andato a piedi al lavoro.
I walked to work.

Or, is -  “Sono andato al lavoro a piedi” the only correct way to say  - “I walked to work”.   

I am thinking that “piedi” and “lavoro” are both indirect objects in this sentence.  Would you please tell me if this is correct or not.

Also, is there any special rule that I should know for deciding which indirect object is placed first?

Thank you again for your patience and help.



Hi Rich,

'A piedi' and 'al lavoro' are both indirect objects in the above sentence and to be honest, their positions are interchangeable.

I preferred to put 'a piedi' after the verb 'andare' as I feel that it flows better and it is preferable to keep the verb together with its object. Although not incorrect the other way, it may be used less.

You may have heard a similar debate in English regarding the use of split infinitives. The example always highlighted is the Star Trek 'to boldly go'. Should we really be placing such an adverb in between the verb? Again although not strictly incorrect, it can be frowned upon a little! Just a anecdote to think of :)

Hope this helps,
Kind regards,

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