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Dear Paolin,

I recently read Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo, by Federico Moccia, and I am really wondering why this beautiful story hasn't been translated into English.  It would be widely read and loved here in the States.  I am thinking of contacting the publisher or the author himself to find out more.

By the way - I basically copied and pasted sections of the book into Google translate - this is how I was able to get through it!  

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you so much for your time - grazie mille!


Hello Brian,

I'm sincerely sorry, because I somewhat missed your message and I see that you have been waiting an extremely long time before the answer. I hope that the answer will be useful for you, but I understand that this could be hard after a certain time.

First of all, your idea sounds good!
Have you already got in contact with any editor?
If you want to write a letter, and if you want me to translate your letter in Italian, please send it to me freely - I'll be extremely careful in order to grant you an almost immediate translation.

I think that the author has chosen to wait some time before publishing any English edition. Some of his books have been translated in Spanish.
Federico Moccia looks quite busy, writing new books, filming movies inspired by his stories, and - last but not least -... serving as mayor in the small Italian town of Rosello!
I think that to translate a book in English would mean to travel and give some lecture about it so it could be too demanding by now. Anyway, why not? There are a lot of English and American readers who love this author, despite the difficulty in reading his books. So, time will come, maybe sooner than we imagine.

Meanwhile, why don't you try and run a blog on your own about this? Here is a small example from another fan:

Strictly for personal use only, then, why don't you try to form a small community of some volunteers to translate the book, in private, because of the copyright. It could be a great start - and maybe a more convenient format to read than the useful but more limited Google translator!

Finally, if you don't feel like writing a blog on your own, or if you want to share the experience, you could be a guest on my blog:
it is a very small, unsophisticated, home made blog - not a lot of readers, anyway - but if this can encourage you I will be glad to introduce you or to publish some guest post.
You can write summaries, talk about what you love most in Federico Moccia's writing, translate some (necessarily short, because of the copyright, of course!) excerpts among your favorites. I could translate those into Italian, to reach a wider public, why not!
As you probably already know, there's no limit to possibility - the point is to realize a more precise plan, according to what better suits your interest.

Federico Moccia has recently published his new book, "Sei tu" ("It's you" - literally "you are"). Being, as it obviously had to be, a love story, guess what... it was published on St.Valentine's day, 14 February.
This is a short Italian article about the book,

And this is a blog by Federico Moccia, on the website of one of his editors,

You can also translate some of those extra contents, since small and unsystematic translations made by the fans of an author just to better cultivate their passion are not copyright infringement - it's right to be careful, but culture must spread someway.

I must admit that I am quite enthusiast about your ideas. I hope that you will realize some of that. Start from one... and go on. I'm not a fan of Federico Moccia myself, but I am truly glad that you are so fond of an Italian author, really!

Thank you for sharing your ideas and your passion.

I hope you can forgive my delay, sorry again.

Good luck and kind regards,


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