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Dear Ms O'Hagan,

I'm really sorry to bother you again I got a reply from the man I sent my last message to, and I'd be really grateful if you would translate my next message for me. If you're tired of doing this, I quite understand, and I'll ask another expert!

My message is:

"Thank you so much I'm very interested in buying a copy of Intrighi internazionali from you!

How much do you want me to pay for it, and will you send it to England?

Also, how do you want me to pay you? Do you have a PayPal account (, or any other online payment account? If not, I can send you a cheque. Would that be okay?

Thank you again for your reply!"

If I have any more messages that need translating after this, shall I ask another expert? With your credentials, translating these for me must feel a bit like when Sherlock Holmes kept getting letters about recovering lost lead pencils and that sort of thing, but I didn't want to just start asking another expert, because that looked as though I wasn't happy with your translations, and I absolutely am!

Thank you very much again for your time.

Best wishes,


Hi Maria,

No problem seeing as the translation is fairly short :)

Grazie mille. Sono molto interessata a comprare una copia di Intrighi Internazionali. Quanto costa e la manderai a Inghilterra? Inoltre, come vuoi che ti paghi? Hai un conto di Paypal o un altro conto simile? Se no, posso mandarti un assegno. Ti fa bene cosi? Ancora una volta ti ringrazio per la tua risposta

Kind regards,

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Although not my mother tongue, I have spoken Italian fluently for more than 12 years so I am very confident to answer any questions about the Italian language. I am also competent in Roman Dialect if there are any questions relating to this.


MA Applied Linguistics First Class Honours in Modern Language Studies (Linguistics, Italian, Spanish) Received the top grade in the whole of UK for GCSE Italian, receiving a letter of congratulations from the Italian Consulate Completed my two-year A Level in 1 year with a grade A country. Carried out many translation jobs for a wide range of clients and topics including self-help, literature and exam papers. For personal reference, I have also translated Federico Moccia's Tre Metri Sopra Il Cielo and 2 of Francesco Totti's book.

El Pensador, University of Bristol

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