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Dear Mr Platamone (what an interesting surname!),

Would you be kind enough to translate this message for me? I am trying to buy some DVDs as a surprise for my friend, but the seller only speaks Italian (and I only speak English!).

The message is:

"Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for your generous offer of 60! You are so kind! I absolutely accept!

Unfortunately, I have just had to pay a large and unexpected expense. As a result, I cannot pay you until I get paid again on the 3rd of November. Would you mind if we waited until the 3rd of November, I pay you on that day, and after I have paid you, you send me the DVDs? Thank you very much.

I'm also sorry for my delay in replying to you I need to get an expert to translate the messages that I send to you, which takes a little time.

Thank you again!"

The fact that I can't pay her till the 3rd of November complicates everything a little, and I want to make it very clear that I'm not asking her to send the DVDs, and THEN I'll pay her I just want to put everything on hold till November, then I'll pay her, then she would send me the DVDs. Do you think that's clear enough?

I'm very sorry to encroach on your time with this rather long translation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Very best wishes,


Hello Maria, sorry for the delay--this should do it!

Cara Anna,
Grazie mille per la tua generosa offerta di 60 ! Io assolutamente accetto!

Purtroppo , ho appena dovuto pagare una spesa grande e inaspettato . Di conseguenza , non posso pagarti fino a quando mi pagano di nuovo il 3 novembre. Ti dispiace se aspettiamo fino al 3  novembre, ti pago in quel giorno , e dopo che ti ho pagato , mi mandi i DVD ? Grazie mille.

Scusami anche del mio ritardo nel risponderti - mi serve un esperto per tradurre i messaggi che ti invio , per cui ci vuole un po' di tempo .

Grazie ancora !

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