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Dear Maria,

Can you please tell me if it is correct or not to use either the preposition “in” or the preposition “a” with the verb “camminare”.

For example – can you please tell me if both of the following Italian sentences are acceptable to express walking “in, at, to” Villa Borghese park.

“Loro camminano nel parco di Villa Borhgese.”

“Loro camminana al parco di Villa Borhgese.”

Thank you.



Dear Rich,

the sentence “Loro camminano nel parco di Villa Borhgese” is much  better than “Loro camminano al parco di Villa Borhgese”, for the verb “camminare” used to express walking  prefers to take the simple preposition “in” and its articulated forms as e.g. “nel”.

As for your Great Grandma and your Grandpa, both of Italian origin, I can tell you that your Great Grandma’s surname is widespread especially in the Piemonte and Veneto regions (northern Italy), while your Grandpa’s surname is common particularly in the Abruzzi and Lazio regions (central Italy).

So, I’m glad that you are  very proud of your  half Italian ancestry, just as I'm deducing from your great interest in Italian Language.

All the best,


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