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Dear Maria,

Would you please help me to translate the following sentence:
“Di chi sei amico?”

I am thinking that “di chi” means “of whom” and that “sei” means “are you?”  But, I’m not sure how “amico” is being used.

Would you also please tell me if the word  “amico” is being used as a noun or as an adjective in this sentence?

Is “di chi sei” a commonly used expression?

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

In Italian “essere amico di” corresponds  more or less to  “to be friendly with”  and then “Di chi sei amico?” translates as “Whom are you friendly with?” or “With whom are you friendly?”  where "are" (sei) is a 2nd person singular, of course.

As for how “amico” is being used here, it is used as an adjective rather than as a noun.

Lastly,  “di chi sei” in a direct question clause as in “Di chi sei amico?” is a commonly used expression in sentences like the following:”Di chi sei ospite a Roma?”, “Di chi sei stato ospite a Roma?”, “Di chi sei compagno di scuola?”, “Di chi sei collega in ufficio?”, “Di chi sei innamorato?”, etc.

Kind regards,


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