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Dear Maria,

Thank you, once again, for all of your help with my recent questions about “chi”.

Can you please explain to me why the preposition “per” has been placed before “chi” in the following sentence that uses the transitive verb “hai preparato” and the direct object “il pranzo”:
“Per chi hai preparato il pranzo.”

Would you also please tell me if the following translations are correct:

A chi ti sei rivolto?     To whom have you turned?

Chi hai visto?    Whom have you visited?

Di chi stai parlando?    Of whom are you talking?

A chi ti riferisci?      To whom do you refer?

Per chi hai preparato il pranzo? For whom have you prepared lunch?

Chi è venuto?    Who has come?

Di chi sei amico?     With whom are you friendly?

Con chi sei partito?  With whom have you left?

Da chi fuggivi?     From whom did you run away?

In chi confidi?    In whom do you have confidence?

Tra chi c’era rivalità?    Between whom was there rivalry?

Chi hai aiutato?    Whom have you helped?

Chi ti ha soccorso?    Who has helped you?

Thank you very, very much.



Dear Rich,

the preposition “per” has been placed before “chi” in “Per chi hai preparato il pranzo?”simply because in Italian we say: “preparare qualcosa per qualcuno” (to prepare something for somebody) where “qualcosa” is the direct object of the transitive verb “preparare”, while “per qualcuno”  is an indirect object denoting  the person for whom something is prepared.

As for your translations, they are correct, apart from “Chi hai visto? “ whose translation is “ Whom have you seen?” as “vedere” means simply “to see”, not “to visit someone”.

In short, when we say "Chi hai visto?”, we refer to people that we have seen in the sense of "to come across" as in e.g. “Fui lieto di vederti” (I was pleased to see you)

Best regards,


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