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Hello Mr. Magu:

I want to translate the following English headlines into Italian. I want to use this in my unit converter project.

1. Beautifully Simple & Fast Unit Converter
2. Drag - and - drop to personalize
3. Switch on or off full unit name
4. Convert with or without keyboard
5. Shake the device to reset result

Thank you for your assistance.   


Ciao Hitesh

while I'll give you the translation I have to remeber you that, also in Italian, some words remain in English.

1) Bello, Semplice e veloce convertitore di Unit͊2) Personalizzazione tramite Drag and Drop
3) Attivazione e disattivazione del nome completo dell'unit͊4) Converte (convertire if is an action and not a description) con o senza la tastiera
5) Scuoti il dispositivo per resettare il risultato

Hope this will help and, if yes, please rate.



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