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Italian Language/"studio" (office) e "ufficio" (office)


Dear Maria,  

Would you please explain what the difference is between the noun “studio” and the noun “ufficio” when these words are used to express “office”.  

Thank you so much.  I very much appreciate your help.



Dear Rich,

the noun “studio”, when it is  used to express “office”, can  indicate:

1)a place where you can go to ask advice from or receive treatment from a doctor or dentist, etc. such as "a surgery" (studio medico); "a dentist’s surgery" (studio dentistico); "an optician’s surgery" (studio oculistico);"a veterinary surgery" (studio veterinario).

2)a place where you can go to ask advice from  a lawyer as in “lawyer’s office”  (studio legale), or from an adman as in “advertising agency” (studio  pubblicitario).

As for the noun “ufficio”, it is used to indicate:

1)a room or part of a building in which people work, especially sitting at tables with computers, phones, etc., usually as a part of a business or other organization, as in e.g. "a post office" (ufficio postale); "the director's office" (il direttore dell’ufficio); "to leave the office" (lasciare l’ufficio), etc.

2)a part of a company as in “They have offices in Paris, London, and Madrid” (Hanno i loro uffici a Parigi, Londra e Madrid).

Hope this is clear enough.

All the best,


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