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Hello, i am looking to translate a few lines by a natuaral historian of the seventeenth century. Here they are. I am particularly puzzled by the word arcelle , and peregrina, I think I can manage the rest . Presumably he is talking of a scaly lizard here !

Una Lacerta squammosa, le di cui squamme paiono Arcelle rigate di singolar bellezza essendo lunga quasi duo braccia. Carol Eclusio descrive quest'Animale a fol.374 e lo chiama Lacerta squammosa peregrina nel libro Exoticarum, e fu questa donata Monsig. Airoldi hora Nuntio in venetia.

Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Hello Susan,

The scientific and ancient language here reported is characteristically rich in Latin influence. The ancient scientific name (Lacerta squammosa peregrina) is a Latin expression, such as scientific names usually are. This shouldn't be translated. It's interesting, anyway, to understand the meaning of the Latin expression. As you correctly said, Lacerta squammosa is a scaly lizard; peregrina is an adjective which means traveller, foreigner or even exotic.
Arcella means small ark, a sort of case or casket; in this passage "arcelle rigate" probably refers to how the lizard skin looks like: strong and polished, disposed in a well designed pattern, like a chiseled precious casquet.

Hope this helps! If this could be useful for you, please send the whole translation to me and I'll be glad to check the correct correspondence to the Italian text.


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