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Dear Maria,

Thank you, once again, for your help with this question.

Would you please tell me if I have correctly translated the following sentences:

[1]Si vedeva in distanza un edificio alto.
One saw in the distance a tall building.

[2]Da lontano potevamo scorgere un alto edificio che sovrastava le altre costruzioni.
From a distance we were able to see a tall building that dominated the other buildings.

Would you also please help me with the following questions:

In sentence #1  -  Is “si” the “impersonal si” ?

In sentence #2  -  Is “da lontano” an example of a “locuzione avverbiale”?

Thank you very much for your help.



Dear Rich,

Yes, you have correctly translated both the sentences.
As for “Si vedeva ” in “Si vedeva in distanza un edificio alto”, it is not an impersonal “si”, but a passive “si”, since “si vedeva” stands for “era visto”, i.e. the passive form used as the verb  related to the subject “un edificio alto” as in “Un edificio alto era visto in distanza”  that we do not use, for we prefer to use the passive “si” in “Si vedeva” whose subject is just “un edificio alto”.
In short, “Si vedeva” has a subject and thus it is not an impersonal form.

Lastly, with regard to “da lontano” in  sentence #2, it is  just an example of a “locuzione avverbiale”.

Best regards,

I am always glad to help you.

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