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Hello, Maria. There is an old song called "Quelle Stradelle" (or "Qui Comando Io"). I know that "stradelle" can mean small street or lane, etc. But in the first line of the song ("Quelle stradelle che tu mi fai far"), does stradelle have another meaning?


in the first line of the old folk song “Qui comando io” (I’m in charge here) the plural noun “stradelle”,  which is an obsolete diminutive of “strada” (street), means exactly “small/little streets” or “lanes”, just to indicate narrow roads in the countryside or in a town.

So, the line “Quelle stradelle che tu mi fai far” meaning “Those little streets you make me do” wants to emphasize how important it is for the husband  who says these words to know what his wife Rosina is doing or where she is going, since he follows her from a distance walking the same streets that she is doing.

In short, this folk song that dates back to the early twentieth century gives voice to the feeling of jealousy and possessiveness of this husband who wants to control her wife and repeats that he has control over her as he is  in charge there and then every day  wants to know who comes his home and who leaves (e qui comando io e questa e casa mia,ogni dì voglio sapere chi viene e chi va= And I'm in charge here and this is my home,every day I want to know who comes here and who leaves).

To conclude, please note that:

1-the term "stradelle" means exactly “small/little streets” or “lanes” and so does not have another meaning.

2-the diminutive "stradelle" is not in use any more,having been replaced by "stradetta" or "stradina"  (plural "stradette"/stradine).

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