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Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if the following sentences are translated correctly.

Che libri leggi?
What books do you read?

Che libro preferisci?
What book do you prefer?

Che tipo è?
What kind is it?

Che vestito mi metto stasera?
What dress shall I wear tonight?

Che musica ti piace?
What music do you like?
Che ora è?
What time is it?

Di che colore è la sua maglia?
What color is his sweater?

A che ora verrà?
What time will you come?

Thank you.



Dear Rich,

your translations are correct, apart from [1]“What kind is it?” for “Che tipo è?” that I would translate as “What kind of person is he? “ or “What kind of person is she? “, and [2]"What time will you come?" for "A che ora verrà?" that I would translate as "What time will he/she come?", because "verrà" is a 3rd.person singular, future indicative of "venire",related to a male /female person.

I think that you have used "you" in "What time will you come?" because you are supposing that "A che ora verrà?" is a question addressed to a person  you are not familiar with (Italian courtesy pronoun "Lei"): which could also be possible, according to the context that however there is not here.

In short, "A che ora verrà?" could be translated as "What time will he/she come?" and "What time will you come?", depending on the context.

All the best,


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