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Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if I have translated the following sentence correctly:

Le ore della notte sono propizie alla concentrazione.
The night hours are favorable to the concentration.

I am wondering if I have translated “le ore della notte” and “alla concentrazione” correctly.   Can you please tell me if there is a better way to translate  -  “le ore della notte” and “alla concentrazione”.

I am having an especially difficult time understanding the use of “alla” in “alla concentrazione”.  

Is it possible that “alla concentrazione” is an idiomatic expression?  If “yes” , can you please tell me if  “alla concentrazione” has a better translation than - “to the concentration”?  

Thank you very much for your help.



Dear Rich,

you have translated  both “le ore della notte” (The night hours ) and “alla concentrazione “ (to the concentration) correctly.
As for “alla concentrazione”, which is not an idiomatic expression, but an indirect object instead, depending on the plural feminine adjective “propizie”, it corresponds exactly “to the concentration” where “to the ”(alla) depends on “favorable” (propizie) and “concentration” indicates just mental effort/the ability to think carefully about something you are doing, as in e.g.“The noise outside made concentration difficult”.

Best regards,


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