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Dear Maria,

Would you please help me to translate the adjective “fiorita” in the following sentence”

“Ecco, La Casetta Fiorita”

I found this sentence in a novel (“Seasons of Storms”  by Susanna Kearsley, page 63) that I am reading where the author has translated it as:  “The Little House of flowers”

But, my dictionary translates “fiorito ” as an adjective meaning -  “in flower” , “in bloom”, “covered with blossoms” or “flowery”.   My dictionary does not include does not include “of flowers” as a possible translation.

Is it correct to translate “fiorita” as “of flowers”?

I am thinking this is not correct because  “The Little House of Flowers” would be - “La Casetta di Fiorite”.  But, I am very unsure, and would so much appreciate your help.

Very Sincerely,


P.S.  I am reading this novel because it takes place in Italy,  and I very much enjoy trying to translate the Italian sentences used in this book.

P.P.S.  Just as a matter of interest – my Great Grandma’s last name was “Casetta”.  As a child,  I never knew the meaning of "casetta'

Dear Rich,

the feminine adjective “fiorita” in the sentence “Ecco, La Casetta Fiorita” means “full of flowers” in the sense that this little house is adorned with many flowerpots on its balconies or in its garden.
See also, e.g.“Uno splendido giardino fiorito” just meaning “A splendid garden full of flowers”.

As for “The Little House of flowers”, it would mean “La casetta dei fiori” which  however  is not the same as "La casetta fiorita".

In short, you are right in thinking that  it is not correct to translate “fiorita” as “of flowers”.

Lastly, with regard to what you have read in your dictionary where the adjective “fiorito ” is translated as  “in flower” , “in bloom”, “covered with blossoms” or “flowery”, please note that:  

-“in flower”, “in bloom”, “covered with blossoms” refer to a plant that is in blossom and then  has  flowers growing as in “Guarda quel bel ciliegio fiorito” (look at that beautiful cherry tree in blossom).

-“flowery” refers either to  a material /dress/curtains/wallpaper/table decorated with pictures of flowers, or with flowers as in: “Una tappezzeria fiorita” ( A flowery wallpaper);“Un  tessuto fiorito” ( a flowery material); “ Una tavola fiorita” (a table decorated with flowers), or to a description / speech as in “Un parlare fiorito”/”Uno stile fiorito”  (A flowery style of speaking).

Hope this can help you.

All the best,

P.S.  Glad that you  enjoy trying to translate the Italian sentences used in the novel “Seasons of Storms”  by Susanna Kearsley.

As for your Great Grandma’s last name “Casetta”, literally meaning  “little house”, it is the diminutive of the Italian noun “casa”.
Was your Great Grandma of Italian origin?

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