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Dear Maria,

My question is about the masculine, singular noun:   “pigiama”.  

Can you please tell me if the word “pigiama” is always invariable and if this word is therefore used to express the English plural word “pajamas” (a type of sleepwear)

If “yes”, would the following Italian sentences be correct:

Ho un paio di pigiama.
(I have a pair of pajamas)

Mi sono messo il mio pigiama.
(I have put on my pajamas)

I was also wondering if the plural form “pigiami” is ever used in Italy.  

Can you also please tell me if it is possible to say either the singular form “pigiama” or the plural form “pigiami” to express “pajamas”.  Or, do Italians always say "pagiama"?

Thank you very much.

Very Sincerely,


Dear Rich,

the masculine word “pigiama”, used to express the English plural word “pyjamas “ (mainly UK)  or “pajamas”, is not always invariable, as it was originally, since it derives from a Persian word which is a compound made up of “pā “ meaning “foot/ leg” and “jāma” meaning “garment”, but can also be used in the plural, i.e. “pigiami”.

So, today we often say “Ho un paio di pigiami”(in the plural)  rather than “Ho un paio di pigiama” (invariable).

To sum up, the plural form “pigiami” is used in Italy so that, though it is possible to use  either the singular form “pigiama” or the plural form “pigiami” to express “pajamas”, I have to tell you that  the plural form “pigiami” is more commonly used to refer to many pajamas as in “Ho un paio di pigiami”, “Ho comprato dei pigiami invernali”, “I tuoi pigiami sono belli”, etc.

In short, the word “pigiama” is  today used in the singular as in “Mi sono messo il mio pigiama”, “Prendi il tuo pigiama e vai a letto!”, “Mi hanno regalato un bel pigiama di seta”, whereas the form “pigiami” is today used in the plural as in “Quanti pigiami hai?”, “Mi hanno regalato dei bei pigiami”, etc.

Best regards,


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