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Would it be a correct translation of the English "I'm a pain in the ass" to say "Sono un scassacazzi"?  If not, how would you correctly convey that slang in Italian?
Also, what are some common toasts in Italian?  The Russians say 'Salud,' the Irish say 'Slainte', and Americans say 'Cheers,' what do Italians say?
Thank you!


Here are some common toasts in Italian: “Salute!” (meaning “To your health!”); “Cin cin!” aka “Cincin!” (meaning “Cheers!”); “Alla tua!” or “Alla vostra!” which stand for “Alla tua salute!” and “Alla vostra salute!” respectively, depending on  the fact that you are addressing to only one person or to many persons.

See for example:”Alzò il suo bicchiere di vino e disse:”Cin cin!” (He raised his glass of wine and said: "Cheers") or “Alzò il suo bicchiere di vino e disse:”Salute!” (He raised his glass of wine and said: "To your health").

Note that  the noun “toast” as an expression of good wishes or respect for someone that involves raising your glass and drinking  translates as “brindisi” into Italian.

See for example:”Facciamo un brindisi!” meaning “Let’s drink a toast!”

As for  the vulgar slang  sentence “I'm a pain in the ass”, it can correspond to: “Sono un rompipalle” aka “Sono un rompiballe”, “Sono un rompicoglioni”, “Sono uno scassacazzi”, and lastly “Sono un rompiscatole” which is the least vulgar form.

See for example:"Sei un rompipalle“, "Era un rompiballe”, "Non fare il rompicoglioni”, “ Smettila di fare lo scassacazzi”, and lastly “E' stato un vero rompiscatole”.



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