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Dear Maria,

Can you please help some more with the elliptical phrase:  “come sotto indicato”

Is “come” being used as a conjunction?
Is “sotto” being used as an adverb?
Is “indicato” being used as an adjective?

Would you please also tell me how to include the adjective “essere” and say:
“As they are shown below.”

Thank you very much.   I really appreciate both your patience and your  kindness.



Dear Rich,

In the elliptical phrase  “come sotto indicato”, “come” is being used as a conjunction;  “sotto” is being used as an adverb, and  “indicato” is  being used as a past participle of the verb “indicare” because  this past participle stands for “è indicato” (passive, present indicative, impersonal form).
In short, “come sotto indicato” stands for “come è indicato sotto”.

As for “As they are shown below”, its literal translation would be “Come essi sono indicati sotto” which could be correct only if there was a sentence like this, e.g.:”I passi di cui si parla sono scritti come [essi] sono indicati sotto” or better “I passi di cui si parla sono scritti come sono indicati in calce” (literally, “The passages that are mentioned are written as they are shown below”).

As you can see, in Italian we need  a previous sentence we can refer to so that we can say :“Come essi sono indicati sotto” where however the subject pronoun “essi” can be omitted.

Best regards,


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