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Italian Language/use of "il tuo" and use of "un consiglio"


Dear Maria,  

My question is about the following sentence:

“Il tuo fu un cattivo consiglio.”

Would you please tell me if the following translation is correct or not:

Yours was a bad piece of advice.

Would you also please help me with the following questions about this sentence:

Is “il tuo” being used as a possessive pronoun in this sentence?

Does the noun “consiglio” always have to be used with the indefinite article as in the above sentence?   Or, is it also possible to say:

Il tuo fu cattivo consiglio.
Yours was bad advice.

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

In the sentence “Il tuo fu un cattivo consiglio”, meaning “Yours was a bad piece of advice”,  the expression  “il tuo” is being used as a possessive pronoun.

As for  the noun “consiglio”, it always has to be used with the indefinite article as in the above sentence, so that  it is wrong to say: “Il tuo fu cattivo consiglio”.

Best regards,


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