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Can you please tell me what burla giò (or burlar giò) means?


Actually the expression “burlar giò” which appears in “Bella, se vuoi volare” (rougly meaning ” Hi, beautiful girl, if you want to fly…), a song lyric by the Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, is not in Italian, but in  Milanese dialect, i.e. the vernacular spoken by the inhabitants of Milano, in Lombardy, northern Italy.

So, “burlar giò” in the Milanese refrain of this song where we read “…mi no mi vegni no mi go paura de burlar giò”, which in Italian would sound “io no, io non vengo, io ho paura di cadere giù”,  means “to fall down” with reference to a plane, since the song talks about a flight  from Roma to Milano.

In short, the song talks about  a man who invites a girl to fly with him fro Roma to Milano, but she says in Milanese dialect that she does not want to go with him because she fears to fall down from the plane.

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