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Dear Maria,

I think that I am having a difficult time with “il che” because I have no experience or knowledge about the expression - “la qual cosa”.   Since I do not understand “la qual cosa”  -    I cannot understand  “il che”

Could you please explain “la qual cosa”.

Is “la qual cosa” an idiomatic expression?  Is “la qual cosa” invariable?   Does “la qual cosa” always mean “which”?  

Over the last few days I have tried using the Internet as well as reference books to understand “la qual cosa”.  So far, I have not made much progress.    

Please know that I very much appreciate all of your help with “il che”.  



We have had a death in the family   (an uncle) - so our weekend is not good.  .  I hope your weekend will be better.

Dear Rich,

first of all the expression  “la qual cosa”, which is synonym of “il che” as well as of “cosa che”, always  translates as “which” in English.

Moreover I have to repeat that we use “la qual cosa”/ “il che”/ “cosa che”  when we are referring to a previous clause and want to add information or express an opinion about what has been  just mentioned.

See for example:” La tua analisi è stata precisa e competente, LA QUAL COSA  ti fa onore” or “La tua analisi è stata precisa e competente, IL CHE  ti fa onore” as well as “La tua analisi è stata precisa e competente, COSA CHE che ti fa onore”, where “la qual cosa”, “il che” and “cosa che”,introducing a relative clause,  mean all the same, i.e. “which” in English, and refer to the previous clause “La tua analisi è stata precisa e competente” in order to express an opinion about what has been just said, since the relative clause "la qual cosa/il che/ cosa che ti fa onore" is just expressing an opinion about the main clause "La tua analisi è stata precisa e competente".

See also:” Ci furono reazioni positive, la qual cosa/il che/cosa  che mi rallegra”; “Non si è più fatto vedere, la qual cosa/il che/ cosa che  dimostra il suo disinteresse”, etc.

As you can see, the expressions “la qual cosa”, “il che”, “cosa  che”, that are synonyms, remain the same when they are used as I’ve said above.

Best regards,


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