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Hello Maria  ....  What are all the verses in italian of Retorne Me ? Thanks Virginia


First of all I think that you refer to Dean Martin  lyrics/song  “Return to me” whose last strophe is written in Italian and reads  as “Retorna me.Cara mia, ti amo. Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu.Mio cuore”, whereas the other verses are written  and sung in English.
Please note however that "Retorna me" is wrong as it should be written as "Ritorna da me".

So, if you want the other verses to be translated into Italian, here they are:

Ritorna da me (Return to me)
Oh mia cara, sono così solo (Oh my dear I'm so lonely)
Torna subito, torna subito (Hurry back, hurry back)
Amor mio, torna da me. Io sono tuo (Oh my love hurry back I'm yours)

Ritorna da me (Return to me)
Il mio cuore desidera solo te (For my heart wants you only)
Torna subito da me, torna subito da me (Hurry home, hurry home)
Torna subito da me, ti prego, torna tra le mie braccia(Won't you please hurry home to my heart)

Mia cara, mi dispiace se ti ho offeso (My darling, if I hurt you I'm sorry)
Perdonami, e dimmi, ti prego,che sei mia. (Forgive me and please say you are mine).

Ritorna da me
Cara mia, ti amo
Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu
Mio cuore.

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