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Dear Maria,

Would you please help me with the following sentence:
“Spero che tu sappia quanto apprezzo il tuo aiuto.”

I was trying to say the following:
“I hope that you know how much I appreciate you help.”

Once again, I am wondering if I was correct or not to have used the subjuctive in this sentence.

I am also wondering about the use of “quanto” as a relative pronoun to mean “how much”.   Can you please tell me if this is correct.  Or, is there a better way to say the non-interrogative “how much” in Italian.

Thank you



Dear Rich,

The use of the subjunctive “che tu sappia”  in the sentence “Spero che tu sappia quanto apprezzo il tuo aiuto” is correct as well as the adverb of quantity  “quanto” to mean “how much”.

Please note that in this sentence “quanto” is not a relative pronoun, but an adverb  of quantity  as it shows how much someone does something.

As for “quanto” used as a relative pronoun/adjective, see for example:” Lo puoi tenere quanto(adjective)  tempo vuoi”; “Calcola bene quanto (pronoun) ti occorre”, “Apprezzo quanto (pronoun) hai fatto per me”, where “quanto” stands for “tutto quello che”/”tutto ciò che”/”tutto il tempo che”, etc.

All the best,


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