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Dear Maria,

My question is about the following sentence:
“Carina questa maglietta!”

Would you please tell me if my following translation is correct or not:  This t-shirt is delightful!

If this translation is correct – I am wondering about the implied verb.   

Can you please tell me if there are any guidelines that will help me to know when to exclude the verb from a sentence such as:   “Carina questa maglietta!”  

We don’t usually say - “Delightful this t-shirt” in English, so I am having a difficult time trying to comprehend when to say the equivalent in Italian.

As always, thank you for explaining this to me - I so much appreciate your patience and kindness!



P.S.  Also - thank you very, very much for giving me this sentence as an example to study.  You always choose examples that help me to learn!!

Dear Rich,

“Carina questa maglietta!” can be translated as “How delightful is this t-shirt!” as well as  “This t-shirt is delightful!” which however would correspond to “Questa maglietta č carina” without the exclamation mark.

As for  the implied verb “essere”, we usually imply it when it is in an exclamatory  sentence such as “Bello questo spettacolo!”, “Affascinante il tuo amico!”, “Difficile crederti!”, “Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!”, etc.

As you can see, these exclamatory  sentences have always the adjective at the beginning of the phrase and lacks the verb “essere” which is implied.

In short, a guideline that can help you to know when to exclude the verb from a sentence such as “Carina questa maglietta!”  could be to know that the adjective must be at the beginning of the sentence that has to be an exclamatory sentence.

Hope I have helped you with this.

All the best,


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