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Dear Maria,

Thank you for your help with my previous question.  I really appreciate your great explanation about the use of transitive vs intransitive verbs with stressed pronouns.  You have helped me so much!!

Just to make sure that I completely understand, would you please tell me if I have translated the following sentences correctly:

Ho incontrato te, non lui.
I have met you, not him.

Cercavano me, non voi.
They looked for me, not you.

Ho parlato di te.
I have spoken of you.

Partiṛ con te.
I will leave with you.

È uscito con lui.
He went out with him.

Venne da noi,
It came from us.

Thank you very much.



Dear Rich,

Glad to have helped you. As for your translations, they all are correct, except the last one, i.e. “Venne da noi “ meaning: “He/she came at our house” or “He/she came to us”.

Please note that:

1.the preposition “da” in “Venne da noi” depends on “venire” which is  a verb of motion  and therefore it  translates as “to”.

2.the verb “venne”  implies the subject pronoun which can be either “he” or “she” in this context.

3.“It came from us” would mean “Cị proveniva da noi” which makes no sense at all, unless we say e.g. “Abbiamo rintracciato la chiamata, e veniva da questa casa” meaning “We traced the call, and it came from this house”.

Best regards,


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