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QUESTION: Dear Maria,

Would you please help me to translate the following sentence:
“Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!”

I understand that “questo” has been used in place of the definite article in order to add emphasis to “atteggiamento”, but I am not sure if I need to include both “questo” and “tuo” in the translation and form an English appositive as in saying:  “This, your attitude, is hazardous!”  

If this translation is correct, can you please advise me if I should always translate “questo plus a possessive adjective” and “quello plus a possessive adjective” into an English appositive format.

Or, if the appositive is incorrect or not necessary, should the correct translation be - “This attitude is hazardous!” or “Your attitude is hazardous!” or, would either of these translation suffice?

Would you also please tell me if I have translated the following sentences correctly:

[1]   Bello questo spettacolo!
  This show is beautiful!

[2]   Affascinante il tuo amico!
  Your friend is very attractive!

[3]   Difficile crederti!
  Believing you is difficult!

Thank you very much.



ANSWER: Dear Rich,

In “Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!” the demonstrative “questo” has just  been used in place of the definite article in order to add emphasis to “atteggiamento”, but your translation “This your attitude is hazardous!”  corresponds to “Questo tuo atteggiamento è pericoloso”, not “Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!” as an exclamatory sentence.

Similarly  the translations “This attitude is hazardous!” ( meaning “Questo atteggiamento è pericoloso”) or “Your attitude is hazardous!” ( meaning “Il tuo atteggiamento è pericoloso”)  do not match the Italian exclamatory sentence  “Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!”

That being stated, you certainly realise that “This show is beautiful!”, “Your friend is very attractive!” and “Believing you is difficult!” do not mean “Bello questo spettacolo!”,  “Affascinante il tuo amico!”, “Difficile crederti!”, but “Questo spettacolo è bello!, “Il tuo amico è affascinante” and “E’ difficile crederti” that are not exclamatory sentences.

Best regards,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Maria,

Thank you for your help.  Would you please tell me how to translate these sentences.

Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!

Bello questo spettacolo!

Affascinante il tuo amico!

Difficile crederti!

Sorry, that I am not able to understand.



Dear Rich,

Actually I’m not an expert in English language, but I think that the  Italian exclamatory sentences that you mention could be translated as follows:

-“What a hazardous attitude of yours  this is !” (Pericoloso questo tuo atteggiamento!)

-“What a beautiful show this is!” (Bello questo spettacolo! )

-“What attractive  your friend is !” (Affascinante il tuo amico!).

-"What a difficult thing believing you is!”(Difficile crederti!)

I do not know whether my translations are correct or not, since I'm not an expert in English Language,of course, but anyway I have  tried to render the Italian exclamatory sentences, in the hope of being in the right.

Best regards,


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