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Ciao Francesco,

My name is Josť Laguna and I'm writing to you from Los Angeles, CA. I'm not sure I've ever heard a more beautiful song than 'Al Di La'. That and the Ennio Morricone's "Cinema Paradiso" Theme are the sound of love for me. I learned this phrase "Al Di La" and wanted to ask about "Al Di" alone and it's use and meaning if used in other ways:
For example:
1.) Al Di L'amore
2.) Al Di La Vita
Wordplay is art, but is this possible linguistically...One way could mean - beyond love or towards love....

I would really appreciate you advice and help on this.
Mille Grazie,

there are some expressions that employ the form "di + adverb", mostly related to positions:
- di la' = over there
- di qua = over here
- di dietro = behind
- d'avanti = in the front
- di sopra = above
- di sotto = under

The "al" preposition can be added to change the meaning somehow:
- al di la' = on the other side of something, beyond
- al di qua = on this side of something
- al di sotto = underneath something
etc etc.

"Al di" is thus not used by itself; you cannot say, for instance, "al di l'amore"; a correct for might be "al di la' dell'amore" (beyond love).
An alternative to "al di la'" is "oltre" = beyond.

Feel free to write me again if you need further information!

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