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Dear Lauren,

Can you please tell me if it is usual not to be able to find a derived Italian adverb (avverbi derivati) in an Italian dictionary.

For example, I have two dictionaries that do not include a listing for the word “lentamente”.   But, they do include the word “veramente”.  

This makes me wonder if the word “lentamente” actually exists or not.  

Is it possible that not all “avverbi derivati” are included in Italian dictionaries?

Thank you.



Hi Rich,

Don't worry about the fact that not all avverbi derivati appear in an Italian dictionary. It is common for words that contain suffixes such as this to not all be included in the dictionary; otherwise, the dictionary would be extremely lengthy.

You can say lentamente. Indeed, for most adjectives, you can just add mente onto the end to form the equivalent of the 'ly' ending in English. However, as just mentioned, it is not uncommon to not find them in dictionaries. The dictionary will just assume that users will apply their own knowledge and add the ending to adjectives without the explicit need to see it documented.

Veramente may have been included because it is in such common use. I imagine that the dictionary will choose to keep some examples in and these would have been based on a corpus study and the mente words that are most frequently employed in real life Italian.

Hope this helps,
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