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I try to figure out the gerund endings  -si, -mi, -ti  etc.  Trough the verb PARLARE eg. reflexive form
PARLARSI furthermore to gerund form of it, that is PARLANDO and finally the conjugation forms
PARLANDOMI, PARLANDOTI, PARLANDOSI, PARLANDOCI, PARLANDOVI. The form PARLANDOSI is appearing in  Wikipedias  conjugation table.

Those last forms, when and how are they used. In old fashion style perhaps, in psalms etc.

I could not find in a reasonable time anything useful.

Perhaps you could give me a clue in this matter. THANK YOU.

Ciao, un buon giorno          


Ciao Dan,
You understand that the gerund is equivalent to the "ing" form in English. When you add the endings that you mentioned above, the action becomes either directed at a person (mi, ti) or persons ( ci, vi), or it becomes a reciprocal action (si).
Here is an example of the SI form that appears in Wikipedia:

Parlandosi, hanno capito di avere tanto in commune. Speaking to each other, (fra loro) they understood that they had much in common.

I hope this gives you a clearer idea of how this gerund form can be used with reflexive or object pronouns attached.

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