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Italian Language/Use of "nero" e "nera"


Dear Maria,

Can you please tell me if the noun “nero” is used to refer to African American persons.

If this is so, would I be correct to inflect this noun as follows:

nero  =  an African American man /  a black man
nera =  an African American woman / a black woman

Thank you for your help.



Dear Rich,

actually the term  “nero” is not used in Italian to refer to an African American person whom we call "afroamericano" or "afroamericana", as in e.g. "La mia conoscente è afroamericana",  "Molti miei amici sono afroamericani", "Ho incontrato un afroamericano molto simpatico".

Anyway, we could also use the expression "di colore" as in "La mia amica americana è una donna di colore", but we prefer to use the adjective/noun "afroamericano" to indicate an African American person.

To conclude, we rarely use " nero"/"nera" for  an "African American man" /"a black man" or  an "African American woman" / "a black woman", though we could say for example:"Un nero Americano mi ha chiesto delle informazioni" or "Una mia cara amica è una nera Americana".

Best regards,


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