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Italian Language/"lock" e "car door lock"


Dear Maria,

Can you please help me with the following:

I understand that “serratura” is a feminine noun that means “lock”.  But, I am wondering how to say "car door lock"

Is "serratura" a general term for “lock”?

I was wondering if Italians also use the word “serratura” for the lock on a car door.

Should I say “serratura” when it is obvious that I am referring to a car door lock?  

Can I also say “serratura dell’auto” when I need to be more specific?  

Is “dell’auto” a “complemento di mezzo” when used to modify “serratura” as in “serratura dell’auto”?

Thank you very, very much.  I can never thank you enough for all of your help.    I really, really appreciate all you do to help me!



Dear Rich,

the feminine noun “serratura” is  just a general term for “lock” and then it can also be used to say "car door lock" when it is obvious that you are  referring to a car door lock.
Anyway, you could also say  “serratura dell’auto”, if you need to be more specific.

As for “dell’auto”, it is a “complemento di specificazione” for it  specifies that such a “serratura” is the lock  “of the car”, i.e. “dell’auto” which expresses an objective relationship (objective genitive).

Hope this is clear enough.

Have a nice day!

P.S.Be sure that  I’m always glad to help you as I really appreciate your interest in my language.

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