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Italian Language/"pasticceria" e "panificio"


Dear Maria,  

Can you please help me to understand the meaning of the feminine noun “pasticceria” and the meaning of the masculine noun “panificio”.

Do both of these words mean “bakery”?  

Is a “pasticceria” different than a “panificio”?

Thank you very, very much.  As always, I very much appreciate your help.



Dear Rich,

the feminine noun “pasticceria” and the masculine noun “panificio” have a different meaning as both of these words does not mean simply “bakery”.

A  “pasticceria” is in fact a confectioner’s shop, aka "confectionery" or "sweet shop", i.e. a shop that sells sweets, cakes and chocolates, but not bread.

On the contrary a “panificio”, aka “panetteria”, is a shop where you can buy fresh bread, pastries, cookies, and also some slice of cake such as slices of apple pie or strawberry tart.

The “panificio/panetteria” has usually a oven in the back room where bread, pastries and cakes are made daily  by the baker, whereas a “pasticceria” can also sell sweets, cakes and chocolates that are made  by a confectioner who has his workshop somewhere else.

Hope this is clear enough.

Have a good afternoon,


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