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Please tell me how to pronounce "qui", "quo" and
"qua" in Italian. I am a new learner.
Thanks, Maria.


If  “Qui, Quo, Qua” are the Italian names used to indicate Huey, Dewey, Louie, the young white ducks who are the nephews of Donald Duck who in Italian is called “Paperino”, here’s their pronunciation:

-“Qui” is pronounced like “qui”  in the English adverb “quick”
-“Quo” is pronounced like “quo”  in the English term “quod”
-“Qua” is pronounced like “qua”  in the English noun “quack”.

Anyway, I have to tell you that, apart from “Qui, Quo, Qua” used in Italian as the names of the young nephews  of Donald Duck, we have two adverbs of place, that is to say “qui” and “qua”, both meaning “here”, who are pronounced as I’ve just said above, whereas “quo” is a Latin pronoun which is used in Italian  only in some expressions derived from Latin such as “status quo” (literally “the state in which”, i.e. “the existing state of affairs”).

Hope this is clear enough.

Best regards,

P.S. Hear the pronunciation of "qui" at:

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