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I want to write a short letter to a nun whom I met in Rome recently. Is it correct to write "Cara Sorella XX," as I would in English? And what about the closing? I've met her three times, and the last two (this May) I gave her a hug. I sign letters to friends "Hugs," but what would be appropriate in Italian.

Grazie mille!


here’s what you can write at the beginning of your letter to a nun whom you met recently:

“Cara Suor (followed by her name, such as Suor Giovanna, for example)”

Please note that we use the noun “Sorella” when we are addressing to a nun without saying her name, but we say for example  “Suor Giovanna” or "Suor Angela" when we are writing a letter or are addressing a nun without omitting her name.

As for the closing of your letter, you could  write:”La saluto con affetto” as form of address which can be considered equivalent to the hug that you gave her recently.

Please note that I’ve used the formal pronoun “La” in “La saluto con affetto”(followed by your name) instead of “Ti saluto con affetto”, since I suppose that you are not on first-name terms with  this nun, and then you cannot use the Italian 2nd person singular  that we use  only when we are familiar with somebody that we know well, differently from English where “you” is used without any difference between the formal and informal use.

Lastly, I have to tell you that at the ending of your letter you could also use the religious form “Sia lodato Gesù Cristo!” ( “May the Lord be praised!”).

Hope this can be helpful to you.

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