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QUESTION: Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if I have correctly translated the following sentence:

“Puoi raggiungermi alla reception dell’albergo?”
Can you catch up with me at the reception desk?

Would you also please help me with the following questions:

Is there a better way to translate the verb “raggiungere”?  I was wondering if “raggiungere” could also be translated as -   “to meet” (Can you meet me at the reception desk?)

Is “dell’albergo” classified as a “complemento di specificazione”?  

Would it be possible to use the adjective “alberghiero” and say - “Puoi raggiungermi alla reception alberghiero?”  

Is the adjective “alberghiero” commonly used in Italy?

Thank you so much for you help and especially for your patience with my many questions.   Your expert help is very much appreciated.



ANSWER: Dear Rich,

“Puoi raggiungermi alla reception dell’albergo?” can be translated as “Can you catch up with me at the reception desk?” as well as “Can you join  me at the reception desk?” or also “Can you meet me at the reception desk?”.

As for  “dell’albergo”, it is just  classified as a “complemento di specificazione”, as you say, whereas it is not possible to use the adjective “alberghiero” and say “Puoi raggiungermi alla reception alberghiero?” which would sound definitely ridiculous.

The adjective “alberghiero” is in fact commonly used in Italy in other contexts such as “Frequenta l’istituto alberghiero” (He attends the hotel school), “C’è una fiorente industria alberghiera” (There is a flourishing hotel industry), “E’ una città con poca ricettività alberghiera” (It is a town with little hotel accommodation ).

Best regards,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Maria,

Thank you for your help with this question.  

I am sorry to bother you again, but can you please tell me if there is any way that I can know when it is acceptable to use the adjective “alberghiero”   to modify a noun (l’istituto alberghiera,  industria alberghiera,  ricettività alberghiera)  and when it is incorrect to  use the adjective “alberghiero” to modify a noun (reception alberghiero).  

I will memorize the examples you gave me.  But, it would also be of great help if I knew how to apply the use and non-use of this adjective to other nouns.

Thank you, again, for everything.



Dear Rich,

you can use the adjective “alberghiero” in “istituto alberghiero”,“ industria alberghiera”,  “ricettività alberghiera”, as I’ve already said, and moreover in  the following  expressions:”Servizi alberghieri” (hotel services/hotel accommodation), “Catene alberghiere” (hotel chains/groups), “Sistema alberghiero” (hotel system),“Settore alberghiero”(hotel business), “Ristorazione alberghiera “(hotel catering),“Consorzi alberghieri “(hotel cooperatives), “ Struttura alberghiera” (hotel) , “Prenotazione alberghiera” (hotel reservation).

On the contrary you cannot say “reception alberghiera” as in “Puoi raggiungermi alla reception alberghiera?” because in this context the adjective “alberghiero” would sound definitely strange and thus  you must only  say “Puoi raggiungermi alla reception dell’albergo?”.

In short, we can say that it is almost always acceptable to use the adjective “alberghiero” to modify a noun, apart from the English word “reception” with which we do not use this adjective.

Have a nice day,


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