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My elderly italian mother-in-law has dementia so we had to move her into a memory care facility. Of course we had to downsize her quite a bit. She has a very nice earthenware pitcher handpainted with grapes and it says "vin sole alegria e na tola ben bandia"

I'm assuming it's italian? I tried babelfish and google translate with both spanish and italian and got pretty much nothing. If you could make sense of it I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance for your help!


the sentence "vin sole alegria e na tola ben bandia" written on  this earthenware pitcher handpainted with grapes is not standard Italian, but probably Venetian dialect spoken mostly in the “Veneto” which is a region of northeastern Italy where is Venezia (Venice), the capital of the Veneto region.

The Venetian dialect, as well as many other Italian dialects of the 20 Italian regions, derives from Vulgar Latin as well as standard Italian, and thus it is very much alike to standard Italian.

So, I think that such a pitcher has been made in Veneto and therefore has a Venetian phrase. Also, it is possible that your Italian mother-in-law is born in Veneto and once knew that dialect or another dialect of northern Italy.

To conclude, the phrase "vin sole alegria e na tola ben bandia", which in standard Italian would be “vino sole allegria e una tavola ben imbandita”, means:” wine, sun, cheerfulness and a lavishly decked table” with reference to gaiety which derives from a good grape harvest and a good wine drink in a sunny day.

Note that:

-vino = wine
-sole= sun
-alegria (allegria in standard Italian) = cheerfulness
-e na (e una, in standard Italian) = and a
-tola (tavola, in standard Italian) = table
-ben bandia (ben imbandita, in standard Italian) =  lavishly decked

I have however to tell you that we can also find such a vernacular sentence in other dialects of northeastern Italy, such as for example the dialect of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Hope this can be useful to help your mother -in-law so that you can remind her of native country.

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