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please verify if im right (combining an email reply with my own knowledge from my high school years): in Latin, i just drop the -re ending to make it vocative singular (e.g., audi), and to make it vocative plural (e.g., audite), which simply adds the -te to the voc. sing.

but in italian for -are verbs, the vocative is made by dropping the -re ending (e.g., mangia (Hey, you (singular), eat!). for -ere and -ire verbs, the vocative ends in -i (e.g., leggi and finisci). im trying to find a pattern so I dont need to memorize each vocative in italian 1 by 1.

and how is the vocative formed in spanish?


Hi Patrick,

Many thanks for your question. Yes, you are correct in what you said.

To clarify:
- The formation of the vocative in Italian follows a 'back-to-front' rule for the tu and Lei forms. In other words, -are verbs such as parlare generates (tu) parla and (Lei) parli
- -ere and -ire verbs behave in exactly the opposite way: (tu) prendi, (Lei) prenda.
- Voi simply adds 'ite' in all three verb forms

In Spanish, the rules are as follows:
- For ar verbs, with tu, you add you use the singular third person (e.g. habla) for positive and subjunctive tu for negative (e.g. no hables)
- With er and ir verbs, tu takes the subjunctive second person (e.g. comer - comas)
- For ar, er and ir verbs, Usted uses the subjunctive third person (e.g. hable)
- For ar, er and ir verbs, nosotros  uses the subjunctive first person plural (e.g. hablemos)

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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