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Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if I am correct or not about the following:

[1]   “striato”  =  “streaked”  

[2]   “striato’ is the  past  participle of the verb “striare” (to streak)

[3]   “striato” is also an adjective  that means “stripped”

  Example:  pantaloni striati  =  stripped pants

I am also trying to understand the word - “striscia”

[1]   Can you please tell me if “striscia” means “stripe”

[2]   Is  “strisce” the plural of “striscia”

[3]   Does “strisce” mean  “stripes”

Can you also please tell me how to say “crosswalk” in Italian.  I was wondering if either “stricia” or if “strisce” is used to say “crosswalk”.

Thank you so very much.

Very Sincerely,


Dear Rich,

you are correct about  “striato” (past participle and adjective) which means “streaked”, as in “Un ragazzo dai capelli naturalmente striati di biondo”(a boy with naturally streaked blond hair ) or “striped” as in “Un tessuto striato” (a striped fabric).

As for “striscia” (plural “strisce”),  it means  “stripe” (plural “stripes”).
See for example:”Le strisce della zebra”( the stripes of a zebra); “Una stoffa a strisce rosse e nere” ( a fabric with red and black stripes).

In Italian we often use the word “striscia” to indicate a comic strip/cartoon strip, i.e. “a short series of funny drawings with a small amount of writing, often published in a newspaper”.
See for example “Sul giornale ci sono anche delle strisce di fumetti”( In the newspaper  there are also some comic strips ).

Moreover we use  the plural “strisce”  or “strisce pedonali” to say “crosswalk” or “pedestrian crossing” , i.e.  a specified part of a road across which black and white lines are painted, where pedestrians have right of way to cross.
See for example:” Attenzione! Bisogna attraversare sulle strisce”

Best regards,


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