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Dear Maria,  

My question is about the following sentence:

Il bestiame si trova all’interno di un recinto.
The cattle is located inside a pen.

Would you please tell me if the above translation is correct, or if there might be a better way to translate this Italian sentence.

I am also wondering about the words - “di un recinto”.  Can you please tell me if this would be classified as a “complemento indiretto”.  

I think that I understand correctly that “all’interno” is a complemento indiretto (more specifically - a “complemento di stato in luogo”) that specifies the verb -   “si trova”, but I am at a loss of how to classify - “di un recinto”.  

Is “di un recento” a “complemeto indiretto” that specifies the noun “interno”?

Thank you very much.  

Very Sincerely,


Dear Rich,

the sentence “Il bestiame si trova all’interno di un recinto” has been translated correctly as “The cattle is located inside a pen”.

As for “di un recinto”,  this is classified in Italian as a “complemento di specificazione” for it  specifies “all’interno” which can be considered a  “complemento di stato in luogo” or better a prepositional expression which stands for the preposition “dentro”.

In short, we can say “Il bestiame si trova all’interno di un recinto” as well as “Il bestiame si trova dentro un recinto”, but in this case “dentro un recinto” is a “complemento di stato in luogo” as it indicates the place where the cattle is located.

To sum up, both the “complemento di specificazione” and the “complemento di stato in luogo” are generally “complementi indiretti”, whereas they are specifically a “complemento di specificazione” and a “complemento di stato in luogo” respectively.

Take care,


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