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Dear Maria,

Would you please tell me if I have correctly translated the following passage.  Please note that this passage came from my Italian “Garzanti”  dictionary.

papera (fn)

1 oca giovane (fig) donna sciocca e ciarliera
2 (fam) errore commesso parlando in pubblico o recitando; anche, lapsus: fare, prendere una papera
f. di papero

papera (fn)
1young goose  (figurative) silly and talkative woman
2(informal) mistake made talking or performing in public; also, slip of the tongue: to make, to make a mistake
feminine of papero

I am especially wondering about the use of the verb “prendere” in the phrase “prendere una papera”.   Would you please tell me how best to translate this usage of “prendere”.  

Thank you very, very much.

Very Sincerely,


Dear Rich,

you have correctly translated the passage regarding the Italian feminine noun “papera”from your Italian “Garzanti” dictionary  where you have  read that “papera” can mean  both “young goose” and figuratively “a silly and talkative woman” as well as colloquially “mistake made talking or performing in public”, “slip of the tongue” and “ to make a mistake”.

Also, as for  the idiomatic expression “prendere una papera”, you have correctly used the verb “to make” in “to make a mistake” or “to make a gross mistake as in e.g. “Il gol č stata una papera del portiere”.

Have a nice afternoon,


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