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QUESTION: Dear Stefano,
I, like you am a dual citizen.  I'm fluent in Italian, but I got the feeling that English would be better.  I have cousins that are trying to trace the village in which their granfather was born.  The cognome is Matone.  I found a lot of Matones in Teramo.  Carlo was the name of the grandfather.  His great-grandfather was Camillo.  They left Italy probably a short time after the Risorgimento.  My cousinthinks they may have been from the frazione di Padula. Carlo and his brothers were trained as tailors.  I was thinking of writing to all the people I found in the pagine bianche.  I guess the comune now would be Teramo.  If you find anything, please let me know.  
Patricia Rubino Sandler

ANSWER: do not have a specific answer to your question but some ideas:
- be sure village Padula and not Paduli.   people often confuse the two
- Padula is in commune of Cortino.   no Matone's listed in phone book there.  but 7 in Teramo, 2 in Torricella, 1 in Montorio.   you might have to write to all of these (not that many really) to  gather more info.    alternative would be to search Matone name on Facebook and contact people electronically if you can find some.
- that is about the best I can do.  i will be in italy in this spring; again in late summer/fall.  if you there we can take a ride up to Paduli and scout things out.  you can almost see the village from my town.  i would guess about 100 people live there in these times.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Grazie Stefano.  Ho gia` preso nota della presenza del cognome a Teramo.  Infatti, ho scritto a un certo Carlo Matone e gli ho chiesto se sapeva di una parentela tra la famiglia Matone a New York e quella di Teramo.  Spero di ricevere una risposta.  Lo so che Padula fa parte del comune di Cortino.  Paduli si trova in Lucania.  Insomma, le faccio sapere l'esito della mia ricerca.  Spero di riuscire bene.  Grazie di nuovo per la sua gentile risposta.  Patricia Rubino Sandler

Good luck on your search.  Sounds like you are headed in the right direction.   Will likely be in Italy April and first part of May.  Me me know if I can be of assistance.


PS  In addition to the much more well known Paduli in Lucania, there is a very small community with the same name in Teramo Province's commune of Tossicia.  


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