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Can you tell me the current population of Italy.
The percentage of people of 65 years of age.
What is life expectancy in Italy..for males and for females
What care is available for the elderly in Italy.
Do they have in home care and Aged Care facilities. Does the family pay and do the Government contribute.
What is the cost per month approx for someone to live in Aged Care.
I really appreciate your assistance.

Sorry - it looked like a homework one. We get so many of those and none of us get a penny for helping so we don't have the time to do everybody's homework.
Anyway your answers are:
Population  65 years and over: 20.2% (male 4,903,762/female 6,840,444) (2010 est.)
   Life expectancy 81.8 years
   male: 79.2 years (2010)
   female: 84.4 years (2010)
Most old people live at home and there families take care of them.  There are a few government run old age homes but I don't know the cost.  More information available at  


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