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Good morning Peter,

I would like to know how can i go from Florence to San Giovanni Rotondo ? Since I am a tourist and I don't have a  driving licence in Italy, I would like to know the travel options:
train, metro, .. Could you please give me an estimate of number of hours for each option along with an estimate of the expenses ?

thank you in advance

Hello Rita,

Please excuse my tardy reply but I have been in transit from Rome to Melbourne since last Saturday and only now have I set-up a computer to check my emails while I'm in Australia, returning to Italy on April 2.

Let's answer your question in a way that I hope will solve your travel problems to get to Florence to San Giovanni Rotondo which as you know is a little off the beaten track from frequent and easy public transport services! With the research I've done on this I think your best option is this:

07.00am - Train from Florence to Bologna Central Station - arriving at 07.37am

08.18am Depart Bologna Central for Foggia - arriving at 12.53pm

From Foggia station you can catch a Sita Busline bus to San Giovanni Rotondo. There is one departing Foggia station at 13.35pm for example and the bus ride takes around 40 minutes. Cost of the train ticket one way begins around 77 euros although Trenitalia often have special priced tickets. Bus tickets are approx 5 euros one way. I've pasted the Foggia bus timetable link below which opens into a pdf file with all the bus times:

I hope this reply is of some help to you. Safe travels.

Peter Kilby


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