I'm an expert on this site (top in my class, seven years) and am returning to Rome next September on a cruise ship (Princess Regal, Grand Mediterranean cruise) with my TP (Travel Partner).  We were both in Rome together with a tour group last September, did a great deal of walking and bus touring.  This September, we will take a tender from the ship and be on "our own" in Rome for the entire day.  Do you have any suggestions regarding this day?  I walked the entire City of Rome for days when I was 20....I am not 20 now LOL.  Last year, Coliseum was under renovation and closed (I actually did see it in 1967).  We did Papal Audience last year (probably won't be doing that this year), and saw many things.  But we would like to make the MOST out of this day.  Ship tender leaves about 8:45AM and returns about 5:15PM.  Is there a special "tour" bus we might choose?  Or, should we look for a private tour, or just set out on foot?  I understand Italian, I do not speak it well.  I do speak French.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

There are several “questionable” tour bus services now available in Rome and the better of these is the one that takes you along the Via Appia Antica. It all depends how deeply you wish to ‘dig’ into the history of Rome or not. Sounds like you have seen the main sights so you might be interested in seeing more the “of the beaten track of Rome” and unearthing exciting new locations and learning about them? If so I would suggest using a guide and that would be me? I could meet you in downtown Rome and spend the day with you doing exactly as I have described above.

I suggest you have a look at: to get a sense of who I am and how I present history. Within the week I’m about to launch the first Perfect Traveller iPhone app (on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence) and by September there should be a fine selection on Rome as well. It will be worthwhile keeping your eye on the Perfect Traveller website.

If you wish to discuss this further with me you can always email me at:

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