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Italy/first time Rome - please advice


our first trip to Rome and would welcome any feedback and advice

here's the rough plan:

Monday (AM) - colosseum, palatino hill, forum (roma pass #1) + underground tour

(PM) - Capitoline museum (#2); Appian Way; Basilica Laterano*

Tues (AM) - Vatican

(PM) - Trastevere (still need to read about this area)

Weds Basilica Maria Maggiore; Piazza Navona; Pantheon; Trevi; Spanish steps; Jews Ghetto*

(*) are the ones we will leave out if not we ran out of time and energy

i know it's hard to say if we missed anything or if it's too little or too much on the itinerary. But we would absolutely appreciate any suggestions to sites/places to visit. in a way we don't want to plan too much so we can just stroll around the streets, but at the same time we don't want to miss out.... always that dilemma and pain :P

thanks for your help!!!

I think your plan is doable, even though it's really tight-packed, involving lots of walking around.
On Monday, I would skip the underground tour if you feel like running out of time, considering that the PM is going to be long.

About the visit to the Vatican, please be aware that the queue to enter the Vatican Museum can be really long, you should try and go as early as possible (way before the official opening hours: the last time I went I was there at 7:30 am and there was already a sizeable queue).
The Museum itself takes several hours to navigate, and you should allow some time also for the Vatican Basilica (you can reduce the time you spend in Trastevere, for example).

Weds' plan is good because it allows you to wander around the city centre: you'll surely discover lots of interesting places, buldings, churches you didn't expect to find!

Above all, I'd suggest you to take it easy: you won't be able to see everything anyway, so skipping one or two places and just strolling around and enjoying the city, maybe while eating an ice cream, is much better than rushing from place to place, in my opinion.

An important advice: if you arrive by intercontinental flight, landing at Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) Airport, be wary of the taxi drivers, as they are known to take advantage of tourists (and often Italians alike), charging huge amounts of moneys and cheating with change.
It would be much better if you could arrange something with your hotel (many offer a transfer service), or just travel by train, subway or bus (info here: )

Have a wonderful trip!  


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