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september 2013, I was in Rome.  Mornings were cool, afternoons were warm, evenings were cool.  I was on spiritual pilgrimage.  this September I am spending two weeks in Italy with Perillo: Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Milan; I am then going to Lourdes for five days (18 to 23 of September).  I have been there twice, the weather can be cooler than in Italy (and sometimes even rain).

I try to carry minimal luggage as I do not like checking my luggage (unless at the gate, where I know it's going onto THAT PLANE).  Unfortunately, from Milan to the airport in Lourdes I must change planes in Paris which leaves me a tad nervous about my luggage.

Can you suggest a reasonable wardrobe that includes skirts with the availability of lightweight tights underneath, slacks, tops, warm jacket, and rain gear (the rain gear online is overpriced and way too big for me)?  thank you.

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Hello Jill,

An interesting question and predicting the weather anywhere is inviting problems I would think. September in Italy is usually very stable and very pleasant weather wise. A rule of thumb always I think is to pack a woolen top, a cardigan for example - you will notice a lot of Italians, men and women, walking around the northern cities like Venice with such an item casually draped over their shoulders. At the very least it keeps their necks protected from chills and droughts! A weatherproof, light weight jacket that easily folds up in any sort of luggage bag is essential and there are many types on the market but nothing with sports logo's or such things. A little elegance without logo's would be preferred so you can wear it in a variety of situations.

Good cotton slacks of a neutral color like sand are easy to pack; more than skirts I would suggest you pack a couple of dresses that you can wear tights under (or if it's hot without the tights), with straps that look great in the summer but can easily have a shirt under or over. I would give some consideration to footwear - comfortable sandals and light walking shoes.

I don't know if any of the above is of use to you Jill?

I hope you take the time to download my free app available at the iTunes App Store which will be of some assistance to you in Italy I'm sure:

Safe travels,
Peter Kilby  


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