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Dear Peter,

I am a PhD candidate from Saint Louis University in the United States. I am travelling to Italy in the next month to do research on my dissertation on crusading piety in thirteenth-century Rome and the Papal States,(essentially Terracino-Bologna). Part of my research looks at representations of this topic in art, scholars have unearthed a couple of examples and suggest there should be more, but no one has yet done a detailed study of the topic. I'm wondering whether you can direct me to depictions of crusaders or Jerusalem, or passion narratives, sequences of five or paintings of different parts of the passion, probably in churches in the Campagna, Lazio, Umbria, Spoleto, or Ancona regions, or can direct me to someone who can.

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Hello Richard,

Thank you for your email. An interesting challenge you have presented me with as well. You would do well to contact the Vatican Library and see if you get a response to your research enquiry from there; it is such a rich resource of Italian history and art:

Looking at the life and art of Pietro Lorenzetti might give you some good leads as well. A lot of his work is located in central Italy:

A random look on the internet uncovers works such as:

I'm afraid I have been of little help to you Richard and your email finds me in my busy season here in Italy so time is something I have little of at the moment. But with a little digging around you will find material I'm sure. Don't discount Venice either, being the start and finish for a lot of crusade armies from the 11th century onwards.



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