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Peter I'm wondering if you are still conducting personal tours in Rome? My sister and brother in law were guided by you a couple of years ago and said it was a fabulous tour!
We arrive in Rome on the 6th June and leave on the 10th.
Regards Victoria

Hello Victoria,

Yes I'm still doing personal tours in Rome and Florence. Thank you for tracking me down although I'm surprised you found me here of all places.

If you email me at:

We can discuss further your visit to Rome.

Best regards,


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Can answer questions on general travel in Italy (in particular in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Umbria and Venice) with a focus on history, art and museums.


I have lived in Italy for 25 years and I'm currently living in southern Tuscany. I have worked in tourism in Italy for 20 years and in that time I've created a reputation that is highly regarded in the USA, Australia and NZ. I've also created: and and I'm currently working on new iPhone apps, beginning with locations in Florence.

Organizations These days I write exclusively for this website.

The Hearld Sun and The Age newspapers in Australia. Enzine and GoArticles on the internet. British Heritage magazine out of the UK and the USA.

Australian College degrees in Fine Arts (Painting), Journalism and History.

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1987 - Italian Government Scholarship to study Painting at the Rome Academy.

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I have dedicated the last 2 years of my life in developing and improving:

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