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Italy/Lucca family exploration


sandy wrote at 2009-04-28 04:58:21
arch angelo della maggiora father of angelo della maggiora was born in san diego ca. died in pacific grove ca. the family is from porcari italy. i am the daughter of angelo and mable. sister of j.r. maggiora. i lived in sacramento for 35 years and now live in yuma az.

Tami Disz wrote at 2013-01-25 09:43:36
Hi Mark,

This is your cousin Tami.  Your Dads sister"s daughter. Your Dad was my uncle and Angelo and Mabel were my Grandpa and Grandma and my Mom is Sandra Naggiora, your Aunt.   I actually went to Lucca and  Porcari, 2 years ago  where Grandpa  once lived. In Porcari, I visited the house where Angelo, our Grandpa, was raised   The residents who live there are still related to our family. It was quite an emotional experience. I am so glad I had the  opportunity to go there and to Lucca where Grandpa worked as a teenager I know you visited this website over 5 years ago but I just stumbled across this and recognized immediately that you are my cousin.  I was just talking to my Mom tonight about your Dad and how his birthday was 2 days before mine and I never knew that.  I last saw you at Grandmas funeral.  I don't know if you will even see this but if you do, it would be great to talk to you. I live in Pleasanton California.  My phone number is 916 276-6221.  I still remember the last Christmas we all spent together at Grandma and Grandpas.  Your Mom and Dad, your sister Laurie and brothers Kevin and Michael along with my Mom and Dad and my brothers Todd and Paul.  My brother Paul has since passed away..  I hope your family is all well and I hope you had the opportunity to visit Lucca. Italy is wonderful. I hope to hear back from you someday.  Yur cousin Tami (Maggiora) Diaz


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